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Two women. One bottle. Thousands of stories. 

Join Asabi & Ness as they discuss life through the eyes of 40-somethings with some of Brisbane's most interesting people.


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The Podcast

Meeting on the set of an outback Australian film, Asabi Goodman and Vanessa “Ness” Bristow became fast friends. Their roles as “bosom buddies” soon spilled over into real life, culminating in fun and meaningful conversations over good food and great wine.

In their podcast, Wine & Sympathy, Asabi and Ness ponder the things that make life interesting and invite local Brisbane folk who are doing amazing things to join in the conversation.

Their serial podcast will explore such topics as love, relationships, and surviving in a challenging entertainment industry as 40-somethings.

Your Hostesses

Asabi is a Brisbane based entertainer (actor and singer) with almost 40 years of experience in vocal and stage performance. Starting out as a young singer in a travelling church choir in the dusty plains of Oklahoma (USA), she has now called Brisbane home for the past 12 years. Currently, Asabi performs with a number of musical outlets throughout Queensland and New South Wales, and occasionally performs in stage plays and musicals. Most recently, Asabi appeared in the Australian premiere of the musical, "Disenchanted" (Mad About Theatre), as The Princess Who Kissed the Frog, and is currently appearing as Erma Franklin in the cabaret, "RESPECT: The Show" (Australia for McGee Entertainment). Asabi is very excited to be presenting this podcast with Ness and hopes you enjoy!

Vanessa "Ness" Bristow has been a dancer, singer, and actress from an early age. Starting in dance with Maree Stow in New Zealand and eventually with the Sayers Dance Academy from 1989 when she moved to Australia. After school Vanessa attended Bartuccios Dance Studio in Melbourne before travelling the world. She danced onstage for DXstyria in pantomimes such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and for RadioOne in London. Upon returning to Australia, Vanessa won a full scholarship to TAFTA, the amazing school started by Paula Duncan and John Orcsik. Her first major role was in ‘Casino Reef’ starring John!


Vanessa moved to Sydney where she studied at NIDA and landed roles in Bikie Wars, RAKE, and Underbelly: Razor. She then travelled again to America and performed on stage with the Steamboat Springs Cabaret & Theatre group.


After performing all over the world, Vanessa returned to Brisbane to be closer to her family and to finally lay some roots. Together Asabi & Ness created the Wine & Sympathy podcast as a way to stay focused on their mutual passion for the arts!


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